silver and Lippman

silver and Lippman

Monday, September 10, 2012

1/15/10 letter to FBI Agent Brian Nadeau

This letter to NY FBI Brian Nadeau primarily regards an incident in which Will Galison was assaulted by NYPD Detectives of the Manhattan DA's office, threatened with incarceration and ejected from the DA's building. The incident occurred when Galison tried to visit the room he was told to go to by the DA clerk, in order to find out the status of a pending lawsuit against a NY Supreme Court judge. Four years later, Galison is still prohibited from entering the NY DA's office. 

The recording of the entire incident proves that Galison was merely exercising his constitutional rights to due process, and that the actions of the DA detectives were unwarranted and illegal.

As the assault and ejection constitute "crime under color of law" they are under the jurisdiction of the FBI. The letter describes the clear official misconduct of the NY FBI in this matter. 

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