silver and Lippman

silver and Lippman

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New York Media against Lippman

The February 11th, 2009 Village Voice cover illustration for Wayne Barrett's article; Paterson Duped Again: Shelly Silver Gets Childhood Pal Jonathan Lippman State's Top Courts Job, shows Lippman's champion NY Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver tying a blindfold over the eyes of then Governor David Paterson. It is meant to illustrate how Jonathan Lippman was nominated for Chief Judge through unethical manipulation.

Excerpts from Wayne Barrett's Village Voice 2/11/09 expose of Lippman : Paterson Duped Again: Shelly Silver Gets Childhood Pal Jonathan Lippman State's Top Courts Job:
 "The story of how Lippman reached this pinnacle has its shabby side. He exudes an above-politics reform aura, but he did not climb to the top of the state's judiciary without making some stops in the dark along the way. His ally, Silver, helped clear that path to power, working a system whose anti-democratic ways have been rebuked by two federal courts."

"Jonathan Lippman
will soon preside over the most complicated and significant cases in New York, even though he's never practiced as a private attorney…. "

"…he was the only candidate in the state running for Supreme Court who couldn't be voted against. Lippman was on all five ballot lines: Democratic, Republican, Working Families, Conservative, and Independent. In fact, he had refused to allow his name to be put in the nomination unless every party backed him for the seat, which is the top trial court of the unified court system."

"[County judge Joseph] Alessandro, had been found "not qualified" by the Bar Association and was dogged by tawdry tax and lawsuit charges. The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is still investigating those charges, and Alessandro, who did become a Supreme Court judge, is now facing possible severe sanctions. Yet it was Lippman's demands that would put Alessandro on the bench."

Expose Corrupt Courts' article on the Ramos/ Weissman Scandal: Evidence of Lippman's involvement in a 40 million dollar estate scam.

On March 1, 2011, The anti-corruption blog ran an article entitled Chief Judge Lippman Must Step Aside Pending FBI Probe alleging that Lippman was complicit in a massive estate probate scam involving $40 million dollars. The gist of the story is that as Administrative Judge Lippman gave an illegal waiver to a fellow judge in order to allow him to become the co-executor of an estate worth over 40 million dollars:

The Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Manhattan, Janice K. Fedarcyk, has been asked for a "follow-up meeting" in the alleged $40 Million Dollar Fraud involving New York's top judge, Jonathan Lippman. Appellate Division Associate Justice, Charles Ramos, and Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau are also named in the allegations that highlight the widespread illegal "money-grab" in and around New York's legal system.

The correspondence also formally requests that New York Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Judge Lippman's involvement in the $40 Million Dollar Scam, along with "other criminal acts [involving Judge Lippman] to be supposedly presented... before March 10, 2011..." The heavily redacted correspondence also brings to the top FBI official in Manhattan, Ms. Fedarcyk, the well-known, and sadly accepted, fact that New York State's "'ethics' oversight structure is itself corrupt" and in desperate need of a massive cleansing.

One former New York State Court employee who read the correspondence, and who asked not to be named, said that, "The entire New York State Court system needs an overhaul- an enema, if you will. I would conservatively estimate financial fraud and mismanagement at about $250 Million in the OCA $3 Billion enterprise. When I was around courthouse budget talks, we actually had trouble coming up with things to waste money on because if you didn't act like you needed more money, your courthouse budget might actually NOT get an increase- and that's a no-no..."

The New York Times
on Judge Lippman's powers of intimidation

Willam Glaberson, (not to be confused with Willam Galison, co-author of this report
) has been covering the courts for the New York Times for decades, and knows the courts and their officials as well as anyone. 

In his May 6, 2012 article The Power Players of New York: New York Courts Glaberson writes: "Some judges and lawyers fear Judge Lippman because he knows the administrative machinery that court officials can use to punish and reward."
What could Glaberson possibly mean by this statement?

The only legitimate machinery that exists to "punish" lawyers is the DDC, and the only legitimate machinery that exists to "punish" judges is the CJC and under law "court officials" should have no more access to these agencies than the general public.

 So what does Judge Lippman "know" about these agencies that the general public doesn't know?
  The record shows that that what Lippman knows is that he can illegally influence them to harass, sanction and fire lawyers and judges he does not like and to protect lawyers and judges that he does like. Lippman's personal protection of Leon Friedman and the CJC's persecution of Judge Hart demonstrate that he does precisely that. childhood-pal-jonathan-lippman-state-s-top-courts-job/

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