silver and Lippman

silver and Lippman

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Confirmation of Sunny Sheu's testimony at the aborted Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings

 Subject: RE: can you help ?
To:> From: Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 13:20:49 -0500

Dear Mr. Sheu:
You are on the list to testify at the hearing on the 16th.

From: sunny sheu <>
To: spotts tim <>
Cc: <>
Date: 12/07/2009 02:53 PM
Subject: RE: can you help ?

Dear Mr. Spotts,
How are you doing ?

Can you put me in speaking list for 12/16/2009 hearing ?

My story is about corruption,kiddnapping,abuse authority,money
lanudry,falsify financial disclosure statement.
I have sufficient evidence to prove the "super power" of NYS supreme
court,"President of NYS supreme court justice association" Jseph Golia ,not
only because of FBI or NYPD investigation.

sunny sheu

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