silver and Lippman

silver and Lippman

Thursday, September 6, 2012

AUDIO: Senate Judiciary Chairman John Sampson Aide Tim Spotts on

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Senator John Sampson' aide Tim Spotts explains why the "public" nomination and confirmation hearings of Judge Lippman were not announced to the public.... 

"It's not a "hearing hearing" - it's just a confirmation"

-Tim Spotts

Galison:    I've heard, from a woman named Elena Sassower that the hearings are going to be held on      Wednesday?

Spotts: That is correct.

Galison: ....and there's not been any public notice of that?

Spotts:  There should be. But There should be now. It should be up. It should be available.

Galison: Does it seem strange to you that there's a public hearing being held with only two days notice?

Spotts: Well it's not an actual.... it's not a hearing....

Galison: I's not?

Spotts: No, it's not a hearing like the judicial nominations were, no, it's just a's not a hearing hearing.

Tim Spotts, assistant to John Sampson


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